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Directions & Maps

This interactive Google map shows the location of each of our school buildings and Administration Center.

Click on a school logo to see more information about the building.

SCROLL DOWN to check the home schools for your address.

Want to verify that an address is in the Rochester School District?  This map will help you determine what schools an address is assigned to.
Please note: Newer homes may not be listed on the map.

Click the Check Address button below, then enter the street number only of the address you are researching in the upper left hand corner in the “Find Address” field, then hit enter. A drop down box will appear showing all addresses in the area containing that street number. Scroll through the list of addresses and click on the correct address. A box will appear in the middle of the screen showing the address you selected and the schools assigned to that address.

Check Address
Please feel free to contact the Office of Student Enrollment at 248-726-3166 for address verification.

Boundary Maps