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Transportation: Policy & Walking Routes

In early 2018 Opus International Consultants, Inc. completed a comprehensive study to define the boundaries of eligibility for school bus transportation.  The full report of the results of that study has been made available to everyone.  

"The Rochester Community School District shares their documents regarding school transportation, noting that “students living beyond the following walking limits shall be entitled to bus transportation.” These limits are set at one-mile for grades K through 5, and 1.5 miles for grades 6 through 12. The RCSD also clearly outlines many of the common questions regarding bus transportation and bus stops." - PG 4 section 3.2.1 of the Opus study

From time to time there may be a question about eligibility for transportation.  The Transportation department can review an eligibility request or a request for a change of a bus stop after the appropriate form has been submitted.  Please contact the transportation office for further information.