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What Students Can Expect on the Bus


 All bus riders and their families should familiarize themselves with the information in the Code of Conduct booklet.  For a quick and basic reference to what drivers expect from those that ride the bus, we will list some of them here.

  • Students are asked to find their seat as quickly as possible.  
  • Students should sit with their backs against the seat-back, facing forward.
  • There should be no one in the aisle.  Please keep all of your body out of the aisle as well as back-packs or other items.  Band instruments may be transported but they must be able to fit on the student's lap.  There must be a clear pathway from the back of the bus to the front.  Emergency door access must remain clear.
  • There is NO EATING OR DRINKING allowed on the bus.  This is to protect other students who may be allergic to the snacks you like.  There is also a choking hazard associated with eating on the bus.
  • Please try and keep the speaking volume to what  would be used in the classroom.  The bus driver has many distractions.  Normal speaking voices help to make the bus ride safer for everyone.
  • At the school, please remain seated until it is time to leave the bus.   Please do not stand until it is your turn to exit the bus.  The driver will assist with the unloading of the students.
  • If you have any questions, please ask your bus driver as you board or exit the bus.