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Lost & Found Property

Nearly every day personal articles are left on the bus by students.  Most often the driver is able to identify the coat, hat, gloves, back-pack, or whatever personal items that were left behind.  Drivers check their buses immediately after dropping students at their particular school in the morning and again after the last student is off the bus in the afternoon.  In the morning, if a lunch or item that will be needed for the school day is found left behind on the bus, the driver will take the item in to the school or give the item to a para-professional at the school so that it can be returned to its owner.  It is very important for families to put the student's name on all property that could be left behind.  This would include hats, gloves, scarves and other clothing items.  It makes it much easier for the driver to return items to the rightful owner.

Sometimes in the afternoon, things may be left that the student will need before the next school day.  Most often the family will call the Transportation Center looking for the item---perhaps a band instrument or a cell phone.  A phone call to the office will result in a radio call to the driver to alert them to the lost item.  Once the driver has completed his/her route, they will return to the Transportation Center and bring the item into the office where the property can be retrieved.  The items can be picked up there until about 5:30 PM.  If it cannot be picked up that evening the driver will re-gain possession of the item for the morning bus run and return it to the student.  Valuable items are not left on buses overnight. 

If you have any questions about lost property, please call the Durham School Services business office.