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Seesaw creates a powerful learning loop between learners, educators, and families.

What is Seesaw?

Seesaw is a digital student portfolio that encourages educators, students, and families to share in the thinking and learning experience together.  It gives families a window into what's going on every day in their child's classroom.

What do learners do on Seesaw?

Learners login to a digital portfolio using the provided code or link. Think of this portfolio like a binder with tabs, but all located and stored digitally.  There, they can access their personal journal or teacher assigned activities and use tools like photos, drawing, videos, or notes to share their thinking and learning.  

The videos below will share an overview of Seesaw in English.

The videos below will share an overview of Seesaw in Spanish.

Support Guides for Families

First page of the PDF file: SeesawPD-GetFamiliesStarted-SeesawOverview

Translation tools

Seesaw content can be translated into over 55 languages!

App Tour

Take a tour of the family app in Seesaw to learn basic navigation tips.


Seesaw FAQ