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School Safety Legislation Information


The State of Michigan "School Safety" legislation (2005 PA 129-131 and 138), enacted into law on January 1, 2006, impacts the employment of all public and nonpublic school regular and contract employees.

The key provisions of the new law include the following:

All school staff employed by the school or district prior to January 1, 2006 and afterwards, are required to have a criminal history record check conducted by the Michigan State Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, not later than July 1, 2008. The Michigan Department of Education will report to schools and districts all school employees with a recorded criminal conviction.  Specific actions are required by districts, employees and or Boards of Education based on the nature of the conviction reported. Finally, the new law requires school staff to self-report if they are arraigned or charged with reportable offenses as defined within this legislation.  The employee must self-report to the district Superintendent and the Michigan Department of Education.

 Detailed information regarding this new "School Safety" legislation may be found by selecting the link below.,1607,7-140-6530_5683_39798---,00.html

Arraignment Disclosure Form