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Transitional Kindergarten/Kindergarten Enrollment

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Transitional Kindergarten 

Per Michigan law, only incoming kindergartners born between June 1st and December 1st are eligible to apply to attend Transitional Kindergarten. If your child  is too young to enroll for TK, please visit our Pre-K web page for information on RCS Preschool programs. 

"Transitional Kindergarten is a school grade that serves as a bridge between preschool and kindergarten, functioning to provide students with time to develop fundamental skills needed for success in school in an age, and developmentally appropriate setting. " (Moran, 2015)

Transitional Kindergarten recognizes the differences between a child's chronological age and their developmental age giving students the gift of time. 

The Transitional Kindergarten program is free and allows the students to enroll in Transitional Kindergarten during their first year of enrollment and move to Kindergarten during their second year of enrollment. 

Please visit the TK webpage for more information. 

Transitional Kindergarten Enrollment Process

  • TK Information Form- Please visit the TK/Kindergarten webpage to complete the Transitional Kindergarten Information form to get your child's name added to the list of students who would like to apply to attend Transitional Kindergarten. 

  • TK Placement - Transitional Kindergarten classes are available at specified elementary schools only. If your home elementary school does not have a Transitional Kindergarten classroom, you may apply to attend TK at another elementary building. When completing the TK Information form, you will be asked which TK building you would like your child to attend. 

  • TK Open Enrollment - You do not need to apply for Open Enrollment for Transitional Kindergarten. Your student will be placed in their TK classroom by the Curriculum Department, this may not be your home building*. If you would like your student to attend KG at their TK building, and the TK building is accepting Open Enrollments, then you will apply for Open Enrollment the year your child moves to Kindergarten.

     *The home building is the building your student is assigned to based           on your home address.
  • TK Vision Screening - Vision screening is not required for TK. However, if you choose to submit the vision screening during TK online enrollment, it will satisfy the KG requirements. 

  • TK Online Enrollment - Enrollments for students applying for TK will not be processed until placements have been approved by the Curriculum Dept. 


Per Michigan law, only students who will be 5 years of age by December 1st of the year they enroll to kindergarten are eligible to enroll. Students turning 5 after September 1st, but prior to December 1st, will be prompted to agree to an age waiver during the online enrollment process. 

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For more information on Kindergarten Open House and a typical day in the life of a Kindergarten student, please visit the Kindergarten web page. 

Kindergarten Enrollment Process

  • TK students enrolling to Kindergarten - Students who are currently enrolled in the TK program do not need to re-enroll for Kindergarten. They will be automatically enrolled to their home school (unless they have applied, and been accepted for Open Enrollment at an alternate building.) 

  • Kindergarten Placement - Students are placed in classrooms by elementary staff at the building they will attend. For any questions on classroom placement please contact your elementary school. 

RCS Elementary School Webpages

  • KG Open Enrollment - Students enrolling to RCS for the first time can apply to attend an Open Enrollment building during the online registration.

  • TK students returning to RCS for Kindergarten will need to apply for Open Enrollment during the Open Enrollment application period if they would like their student to attend a school other than their home school for kindergarten.

  • KG Vision Screening - If you do not have your child's vision screening at the time of online enrollment, please proceed with the enrollment and submit the vision screening to your child's school once the school year begins. 

  • KG Online Enrollments - Please feel free to enroll once online enrollment opens for the year your student will be attending Kindergarten.

Please visit the RCS Enrollment page for information on enrolling a student. 

If you have more questions regarding TK/Kindergarten programs or the TK Survey please contact the Curriculum Department at 248-726-3182. 

For questions regarding TK/KG Enrollment, please contact the Enrollment Office at RCSEnrollment@Rochester.K12.MI.US.