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Change of Address

Please fill out the following form (click on it to open) and email it, along with the required documentation to the Student Enrollment Office at RCSEnrollment@Rochester.k12.MI.US. We cannot process address changes submitted without ALL of the required documents. 

Required Documents for Change of Address

  1. Parent/Guardian Picture ID - A driver's license may be submitted with the previous address if you have not yet had your address updated on your driver's license. 
  2. Proof of Residency
    • Residents who own their home, please provide a current property tax statement. If you have recently closed on your home and don't have access to a property tax statement please submit a stamped copy of the Property Transfer Affidavit and Principal Residence Exemption Form from your closing papers.
    • Residents who lease their home, please provide the fully signed lease agreement, including the lease term, the name of the parent/guardian listed as the leaseholder, and the signature page of the lease. Please be sure your children are listed as occupants. 
  3. A current gas or electric bill showing your name and the new address. This can be a screenshot of your online bill showing all of the required information.
    • Or, if you have not received a gas or electric bill for your new home please submit a statement from the the gas or electric company stating that service has been started in your name at the new address. 

Families residing with a resident who owns/leases a home in the district will need to provide the required documents based on whether the family they reside with owns or leases their home (see item 2 above), along with a utility bill in the home owners name, a copy of the home owners picture ID, and a signed and notarized Shared Household Affidavit

If your middle or high school child participates in athletics, a transfer to a new home school may impact their eligibility to participate. If you have questions regarding athletics and eligibility please reach out to your building Athletic Director or Administrator. 

Please be aware that it may take up to a week to schedule bus service for students transferring to a new school. 

First page of the PDF file: Addresschangeform