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Communication with the Board of Education

The Rochester Community Schools Board of Education welcomes public input from students, parents, and community members about its policies, practices, issues, and its overall educational system. A number of ways in which thoughts may be expressed are described below.

1.  Talk to RCS: This feature on the district's website is available anytime for community members to ask a question, share a concern, or make a comment.

2. Contact Board members: Citizens may write to Board members to express their thoughts. Contact information is available on the district website.

3.  Public comment at Board of Education meetings: The Board meets twice per month. The primary purpose of these meetings is to allow for the orderly conduct of the District’s business and for Board members to be apprised of current or pending issues within the District.

The Board is always interested in citizen input and welcomes public comment at these business meetings. According to Bylaw 0160, the Board president and/or superintendent or designee may respond to public comments as appropriate. If comments or questions need further investigation or study, the Board may direct the superintendent or designee to respond to the community member at a later time.


All requests to be placed on the meeting agenda must be received by noon, three business days before the meeting. For example, the deadline for a Monday Board meeting would be the prior Wednesday at noon.

To request placement on the Board of Education agenda, please fill out this form:


First Name
Last Name
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By entering your email address, you will receive a confirmation of your submission.

To request placement on the Board of Education meeting agenda, you may fill out the electronic form at the bottom of this page or click the button below to download the PDF form to mail or fax to us.