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Study Habits

It is important to support and help your child build good study habits.  You can monitor their planner and set aside a specific time for academic homework each day.  Students will need to prepare at home for test and to complete daily assignments.  If your son/daughter does not have homework, this time can be used for writing in a journal, working on math problems, or reading.  Students should have a book at home that they read each day.  Research shows that to increase reading abilities, practicing at school alone is not enough.  It also shows that there is a direct collolation between how much reading a student does outside of the school setting and how well they read.  Also, a good way to help your son/daughter become involved in academics at home is to introduce computer games that are fun and educational at the same time.    


Parents can also work with their child on behavioral strategies that we will be presenting or reviewing in the classroom each marking period.  These skills will be posted on the website under "Social Skills".  As we work on these in the classroom in a structured way, you can reinforce them at home in a more casual setting.  Students need to practice these skills so that they can become proficient and feel comfortable using them on a daily basis.