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Course Description

  7th Grade Physical Education -

The seventh grade physical education program is a semester class that continues to build on the skills learned in sixth grade and enables students to apply the skills in controlled situations. Students learn the benefits of participating in physical activities both now and in the future. A continuation of the fitness program reinforces positive behaviors while allowing students to manage their own progress and goals. Students participate in activities that improve overall fitness such as, jogging, strength training, and aerobics. Students learn skills, movements and rules to participate in games such as, kickball, volleyball, basketball. Students learn and apply positive behaviors that enhance teamwork.

Classroom Expectations/Procedures:

  • Students will be assigned a PE locker for their belongings. It is the responsibility of the student to secure their belongings with a combination lock.
  • Code of Conduct for students will be strictly enforced within the locker room.
  • All students are expected to change for class each day. Students are to wear appropriate exercise clothing. T-shirt/ Shorts/Sweatshirt/Running Shoes.  PE clothing must be appropriate. No school clothes or jeans will be allowed for credit.
  • Students who are ill or injured with an accompanying parent note will still be expected to change, but will be excused from participation.
  • Students with a written Doctors note, will be excused from participation and dress.
  • Students are expected to respect the facilities and equipment. No sports drinks, chewing gum, or food will be allowed in the gym.

 Grading -

7th grade students will receive a S for satisfactory performance or a U for unsatisfactory performance as well as a citizenship grade.  Grading in general will be based on the following criteria.

  S = Satisfactory Performance (70% and above)

   U = Unsatisfactory Performance (69% and below)

20% - Knowledge Understanding of basic concepts 
20% - Motor Skill Development Proper technique/performance of skill
20% - Personal Fitness District established benchmarks
40% - Participation Attitude/participation/sportsmanship


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