Welcome to 7th Grade Language Arts!

pirate literacy

Our class uses a Moodle website to access class updates and materials. The students will spend time in the computer lab during the first week of school learning how to access and use the materials found on the website. Please check Moodle often, as copies of handouts, the weekly agenda, and supplemental links are available to download. The class agenda is updated each Monday after school and I try to stick as closely to it as possible.  

Please refer to the instructions below to explore the Moodle site. As the school year progresses, I will occasionally post assignments and activities for the students to complete, including a class blog!

As you and your child learn to navigate Moodle, please contact me if you encounter any problems or have any questions! 

Accessing Moodle:

  1. Click on the following link: http://moodle.oakland.k12.mi.us/rochester/
  2. Click on "West" (on the lower left... look for the West "W")
  3. Click "Language Arts Dept."
  4. Click "Johnson-West-Language Arts"
  5. Log in as a guest. Our enrollment key is "johnson". (be sure to use a lower-case "j"... it is case-sensitive)
  6. Your child may log in using the username and password that he or she uses to access the computers at school.