All RCS club members must fill out a club form and turn it into Mrs. Spencer along with a $30 club fee by the next yearbook meeting 9-20-17. Checks should be made out to RCS.


Members are expected to attend all meetings.  There will be about 20 meetings this school year. Missing one or two meetings is acceptable.  However, if you think you will miss more than 4 meetings (which is 20% of the meetings), you need to get Mrs. Spencer's permission before joining the club.  There may be other ways you can help even if you are unable to attend all meetings.


DEADLINES dates are crucial so working some nights/weekends will be REQUIRED of certain member (depending on the job you are assigned)


Reminder 101 (Communication)

All members need to download the Reminder 101 App.  If you do not have a phone, ask your parents to download it so you do not miss any texts from the advisor.  Once the app is downloaded, you will sign up by sending a text to the following number with the following text message

Reminder 101

Number: 81010

text message: @ggab6f

Once the app is downloaded, feel free to text me about any questions/concerns you have about your assignment. DO NOT TEXT ME if your question/concern can be addressed at the next yearbook meeting. Reminder 101 should be used for important/urgent concerns


9-13-17 meeting- Critique



9-20-17 meeting- Theme

1.) Should we have a theme for the 2017-2018 yearbook?

  • Bring all of your amazing ideas to the next meeting.  We can vote on whether we want a theme of not.
  • Each member brings in five "new" ideas that could be used in the yearbook.

2.) Lets start taking pictures ASAP:  Students will be assigned tasks and "camera time".

Use your phones or your own cameras to take photos of SCHOOL RELATED events. Send all photos to reminder 101 (Do not delete them until you get the ok from me)

9-27-17 meeting- SALES

Brainstorm ideas to increase book sales in September/October (posters?) Want to avoid June sales (chaos).

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