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How to Access the World Studies Textbook


The online textbook is available online at the following link:


 Enter the following username and password to access the site:

Username: Rochester15

  Password: 6thgrade


Please note that you will need to use the pulldown menu in the upper left corner of the screen to alternate between the Eastern and the Western Hemisphere textbook.

Weekly Agenda

Monday 10/9

Check Study Guide

Five Themes of Geography Review Game


Homework: Study!

Tuesday 10/10

Five Themes of Geography Test

Homework: No Homework

Wednesday 10/11

Check Five Themes of Geography Test

Introduce Northern Climate Zone

Homework: No Homework

Thursday 9/28

Introduce Economics

Stan the Economics Man PowerPoint Notes

Homework: No Homework

Friday 9/29

Finish Stan the Economics Man PowerPoint Notes

CNN 10

Homework: Finish Economics PowerPoint Notes

Upcoming Dates of Importance