What did we do in Science?

Oct 20:  Lesson 4 quiz, HOMEWORK:  How water changes states and lesson 5 lab due Monday

Oct 19:  Ice melting, 6.1 lesson 5 simulation:  https://phet.colorado.edu/en/simulation/states-of-matter-basics, HOMEWORK:  Lesson 4 quiz tomorrow and How water changes states due Monday 

Oct 18:  Went over simulations, worked on summary table, added molecule to 2 models

Oct 17:  6.1 lesson 4 molecule simulation, https://phet.colorado.edu/en/simulation/states-of-matter-basics

Oct 16:  6.1 lesson 4 introduction, What is a molecule.

Oct 13:  Went over all work, Cosmos molecules

Oct 12:  Added to forested model, HOMEWORK:  Summary Table all and Check your progress water systems

Oct 11:  Went over labsheets, HOMEWORK:  Summary table B and C

Oct 10:  Lesson 3 lab data

Oct 9:  6.1 lesson 3 lab setup

Oct 6: 6.1 lesson 2 quiz, Cosmos

Oct 5:  6.1 lesson 2, Forested and present day model, Summary table row D

Oct 4:  6.1 Lesson 2 lab discussion, Vocabulary from lab, Summary table row A-C

Oct 3:  6.1 Lesson 2 labs about moving water

Oct 2:  6.1 lesson 2 introduction and lab setup

Sept 27:  6.1 Unit Challenge

Sept 26:  6.1 introduction and h20 Scavenger hunt

Sept 25:  6.1 Pretest

Sept 22:  Geomagnetic storm video

Sept 21:  Communication breakdown conclusion and interview

Sept 20:  Communication Breakdown research and model presentation.  5 questions in journal due.

Sept 19:  Finished Models, Began Communication Breakdown.

Sept 18:  Model of solar system, HOMEWORK:  Answer 5 essential questions in journal

Sept 15:  Read 2 articles, discussed, Made a model of the solar system

Sept 14:  Cosmos

Sept 13:  Discussed labs, Read 2 articles about solar system formation, answered questions in group

Sept 12:  Accretion lab and planetesimal lab

Sept 11:  Hurricane IRMA discussion, Began Solar System formation

Sept 7:  What is science, Mystery Powder

Sept 6:  Mystery Tube, Norms for working in groups, Mystery Box, HOMEWORK:  What is Science?  What is on the bottom of the Mystery Box?

Sept 5:  Welcome Back, Syllabus, seating chart, Mystery Tube