Upcoming Test/Quiz

What did we do in Science?

June 7:  Went over lesson 7, began end of the year Letter

June 6:  Carbon Footprint calculator, HOMEWORK:  Home Energy Audit and Footprint calculator

June 5:  Bill Nye Nuclear Power

June 4:  Presented Before and After Climate Change pictures, Home Energy Audit, HOMEWORK:  Home Energy Audit due Thursday.

June1:  Day after tomorrow

May 31:  Watched "The Day After Tomorrow", HOMEWORK:  Finish before and after pictures for Monday

May 30:  Got Study guide, Watched "The Day After Tomorrow"

May 29:  Went over signs/impacts, NASA before and after pictures,

May 25:  Signs/Impacts of climate change.  https://archive.epa.gov/climatechange/kids/impacts/signs/index.html

May 24;  More with the CERC, CYP Classroom CO2.

May 23:  Lesson 5b, Classroom CO2 graph, Lesson 5b CERC due Friday

May 22:  Made 5a model of present day, summary table, cement CYP in class. Movie permission slip

May 21:  More with what do you spew, Pie graph on CO2 contributors, Eyes of Nye climate change

May 18:  What do you spew activity and discussion

May 17:  Worked on CERC/CYP and began lesson 5 journal setup.

May 16:  Lesson 4 CYP leaf and tree analysis due Friday, Unit challenge CERC due Friday

May 15:  Groups presented ideas about graphs, learned more about little ice age, Lesson 4 summary table.

May 14:  Went over cyp, began lesson 4 "little Ice Age", Analyzed graphs, art, literature, and history

May 10:  Summary table lesson 3, CYP Earth vs. Venus due Monday, Bill Nye Atmosphere

May 9:  Went over simulation, Greenhouse gas molecules vibrating, worked on unit model

May 8:  PhET simulation: https://phet.colorado.edu/en/simulation/greenhouse

May 7:  Started lesson 3 atmosphere, Venus, Earth, Mars comparison, Greenhouse gas chart

May 4:  Finish lesson 2, HOMEWORK:  Summary table and Kalamazoo oil spill worksheet due Monday

May 3:  More with 8.7 lesson 2, looked at more graphs, HOMEWORK:  Summary table lesson 2 row A

May 2:  Started 8.7 lesson 2,  Looked at climate change graphs, played 20 questions

May 1:  Went over African climate w/s, began Unit 8.7 climate change, watched videos about global warming

Apr 27:  Cosmos:  Venus vs. Earth, HOMEWORK:  FInish Africa w/s and San Fran vs St louis.  Due Tuesday

Apr 26:  Went over St. Louis vs. San Francisco, HOMEWORK:  Africa Climates W/S due TUESDAY

Apr 20: MSTEP and climate, St. Louis vs. San Fran

Apr 19:  MSTEP

Apr 18:  Began climate introduction, Climate maps

Apr 17:  8.7 Pretest

Apr 16:  Went over test, test reflections, cleaned out binders

Apr 13:  Unit 8.6 Test

Apr 12:  Reviewed in class for test, Went over CERC, HOMEWORK:  STUDY

Apr 11:  Presented projects/ took notes for CERC, HOMEWORK: WORST STATE CERC

Apr 10:  Presented projects/ took notes for CERC

Apr 9:  Finished Projects/prepared for presentations