Upcoming Test/Quiz

What did we do in Science?

9-18  Study guide 1-9, Began Nebular theory (S.S. formation) data

9-17  Went over Formation of S.S. investigation, S.S. video clip and water planetesimal, finished models

9-14  Solar System Model, HOMEWORK:  Solar System formation demo due Monday

9-13 Went over investigation, began "how did our solar system form" demonstration

9-12  BIG BANG, How Big? Far? Old? investigation, HOMEWORK:  Finish investigation

9-11  Astronomy Pretest

9-10  COSMOS episode 1, pretest tomorrow

9-7  Mystery Powder, HOMEWORK:  What is big bang?  What is size, structure, and motion of our universe

9-6  Mystery tube, What is Science? HOMEWORK:  Finish Mystery Powder instructions

9-5  Mystery tube, Group norms, Mystery box

9-4  Welcome