Upcoming Test/Quiz

What did we do in Science?

Jan 17:  Create a country weather project weather symbols, key, extra credit

Jan 16:  Create a country weather project Pressure, weather symbols

Jan 12:  Create a country weather project Fronts and pressure

Jan 11:  Create a country weather project Air masses and fronts

Jan 10:  Create a country weather project Borders and country name

Jan 9:  Go over test results, new seats, Weather introduction

Jan 8:  Astronomy Test

Jan 5:  No School, test is Monday

Jan 4:  Played Jeopardy (posted on line), HOMEWORK:  STUDY and Astonomy 10 picture collage Test Friday or Monday...

Jan 3:  Reviewed, HOMEWORK:  Astonomy 10 picture collage due Friday and STUDY

Dec 20:  Holiday fun, Bill Nye:  Sun

Dec 19:  Review study guide, HOMEWORK:  HR Questions due Wednesday

Dec 18:  Sunspot graphs and study guide

Dec 15:  Building the HR diagram, HOMEWORK:  Building HR diagram due Monday and study guide due Tuesday

Dec 13:  EDP Oakland University speaker

Dec 12:  EDP

Dec 11:  Star Color Candle lab, HOMEWORK: Candle lab and star pictures due Thursday

Dec 8:  Life and Death of a star video, HOMEWORK:  Blue, white, yellow, and red life cycle of stars pictures

Dec 7:  Life cycle of a star balloon simulation, HOMEWORK:  Finish your star picture

Dec 6:  Present Nuclear Fusion models, went over common objects, Began discussing stars

Dec 5:  Nuclear fusion models, HOMEWORK: Common Objects connected to stellar processes.

Dec 4:  Gigapixel of galaxy, Nuclear Fusion model, HOMEWORK:  Common Objects connected to stellar processes.

Dec 1:  Alien Galaxies, Turn in Bubble map

Nov 30:  EMS glasses and elements, WMAPS, Galxay stats, HOMEWORK:  Big Bang Bubble Map

Nov 29:  Went over big bang balloon lab, Red shift of galaxies, Cosmic background radiation

Nov 28:  Big Bang Balloon Lab, HOMEWORK:  BIg bang balloon Lab

Nov 27:  Went over test, Notes on Electromagnetic Spectrum

Nov 21:  How the Earth was made video notes

Nov 20:  How the Earth was made video notes

Nov 17:  Finish test, Cosmos