The Industrial Revolution



Textile Mills in New England

History of the Textile Industry -

Lowell National Historical Park -

The Mill Girls of "Spindle City" -


Interchangeable Parts

Great Inventors of the Industrial Revolution -

Industrial Revolution -


Steam Engine

The History of Steamboats -

Invention of the Steam Engine -

History of Trains -

James Watt -

Invention of Railroad and steam engine -

History of the first locomotives in AMerica -



The Communication Revolution -

The Invention of the Telegraph -


Cotton Gin

The Cotton Gin -

The Cotton Gin -


Steel Plow

History of the Plow -

John Deere -

John Deere -


McCormick Reaper

Cyrus McCormick: The Reaper -

Machines to Cut Grain -

Grain Harvesting History -

Farm Equipment -


National Road

Historic National Road in W. Va. -

The National Road -

Making the National Road -

The National Road Association -


Erie Canal

History of the Erie Canal -

Clinton's Big Ditch - -