Access Excellence Resource Center

Exhaustive collection of science resources and hypertext links.



Amazing Space



BioTech Life Science Dictionary


Information plus links on any topic in the life sciences.



Climate and Diagnostic Center of NOAA

Includes information and weather data on El Niño.






Chemicool Periodic Table

An online periodic table. Gives atomic numbers, density, group, appearance, reactions and more.



CST's Periodic Table of Elements

Click on the periodic table and get  the atomic weight, number, and families of different elements.  A great resource for students.



Ecosystems and Biomes

Discusses what biomes and ecosystems are and other related topics. Great resource.



Ecosystems - The Food Web of Australia

Explore the animals of the ocean and the Outback and their sources of food.



The Electronic Zoo

Anything you need to find out about animals. Listed by category or search by key word.



Energy Quest

A fifteen-part introduction to energy. Check out tips for saving energy and using energy safely. Research electric cars and more.



The Energy Story

Organized into 15 chapters on energy forms.



Environmental Index

Contains the latest information about air pollution, global warming, waste management, and recycling, acid rain, biodiversity, ozone layer depletion, and water resources.



Health- A to Z: The Search Engine for Health and Medicine

Offers quick access to medical information on the Web. Search by key word or browse by category.



How Stuff Works



How Things Work

Answers to physic-related questions organized by category. Light, heat, fluids, mechanics, laws of motion, and more.



Inventure Place: The National Inventor's Hall of Fame

Features the museum in Akron, Ohio. Lists biographies of inventors and links to other invention sites.



MBGNET:  Rainforets



Milamba's Meanderings



NASA Spacelink



National Weather Service

Features weather data from the National Weather Service.



National Weather Service Regional Information

Includes maps, temperatures, wind, and sky conditions of regional areas.




Includes fact sheets, articles, and web links on different energy resources.



The Nine Planets

An overview of the history, mythology, and current scientific knowledge of each of the planets and moons in our solar system. Each page has text and images; some have sounds and movies.



Ocean Planet

This online exhibit contains all of the text and most of the panel designs and images from the Smithsonian traveling Ocean Planet exhibition. The exhibit covers marine life, seafaring people and everyday products the come from the ocean.



The Periodic Table of  Comic Books

Click on an element to see a list of comic book pages involving that element.



The Periodic Table of Elements

Click on any element on the periodic table and get the atomic weight, number, families and more.



Science à GoGo

An online clipping service for science-related articles in the news. Articles are updated daily.




List of links covering biology, health, engineering, physical science, chemistry, earth science and space.



Science Hypermedia

An alphabetical listing of chemical terms, laws, and applications.



Sky & Telescope's Astronomy Links

Lists of sites by category include space flights, planets, observatories, telescopes, etc.



The Virtual Nuclear Tourist

Information on the advantages, disadvantages, and charts discussing the many forms of energy.



The Weather Channel




An interactive periodic table.



Windward:  Weather prediction simulation

Outsmart the weather in a race around the world.  Sponsored by the Discovery Channel and the Weather Channel.