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Contact Info:



Homeroom 7:30-7:40
1st Hour 7:45-8:43 (Conference Period)
2nd Hour 8:48-9:46 (8th Grade Science)
3rd Hour 9:51-10:49 (8th Grade Science)
Lunch 10:49-11:19
4th Hour 11:21-12:23 (8th Grade Science)
5th Hour 12:28-1:25 (8th Grade Science)
6th Hour 1:30-2:27 (8th Grade Science)

Daily Materials:

  • 1" binder with cover holder and 2 dividers
  • Red pens (used for notes), pencil, highlighter, colored pencils
  • 70-100 page spiral notebook

E-mail me if you have questions