Mrs. Kautz


1st:   Pre-Algebra 8th grade 4th:  Pre-Algera 8th grade

2nd:  Pre-Algebra 8th grade        5th:  Pre-Algebra 8th grade

3rd:  my prep hour 9:51-10:49 6th:   Pre-Algebra 8th grade

All worksheets for all lessons will be attached to HW assignment in StudentVue!!!!!!!

How to get to the BIGIDEAS book online:  go to        When you login you have to click on login with CLEVER!!  Do not try to punch in your RCS id.  Login with CLEVER and follow the prompts.  We are Bridge to Success Middle School - Course 3!!!

Monday:    (2-5)       SNOW DAY!!!!!


Tuesday:  (2-6)  Today we rearragned what your math binder needs to look like.  CLeaned it out :)  Took a Can-U for 6.1 thru 6.3.

HOMEWORK:  #57  Quiz practice 6.1 - 6.3 p. 265  all

Wednesday:   (2-7)  Today we checked 6.1 thru 6.3 Quiz review HW57.  Went over how to do some of the problems.  Got back 6.1 - 6.3 Can-U.  Everyone will take it home and make fixes for half back points.  No exceptions.  Original must be signed by tomorrow, Thursday.  You will also read lesson 6.4 on your own today (first time ever this year!!!!) and take you own notes.  This is a skill that you will use A LOT in high school and we are giving it a trial run today.  The lesson is simple enough to understand and doesn't have huge new concepts, so looking it over on own and writing what you think would be good notes is a needed skill for HS :)  We will see what you guys come up with tomorrow :)

HOMEWORK:  #58 6.4 p. 270; 1-14 all

Thursday:  (2-8)                 QUIZ ON 6.1 THRU 6.3 TODAY!!!!!!!  YOU ARE READY!  WE HAVE SPENT A WEEK ON THIS CONTENT AND HAVE TON A LOT OF PROBLEMS IN CLASS ON THE OVERHEAD :)    Before taking the quiz today, Can-U signed was collected and you shared your self made notes for 6.4 WOW!  Some of your notes were amazing!!!!!!!!!  I was pleasantly surprised and proud!  You also group discussed 1-14 all for 6.4

If we don't have a SNOW DAY tomorrow we will go over 6.4 :)  If we have a SNOW DAY, then I will see you Monday :)


Friday:  (2-9)        ?????? not sure yet :)  Waiting on Mother Nature and what her decision will be :)




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