Mrs. Kautz


1st:   Pre-Algebra 8th grade        4th:  Pre-Algera 8th grade

2nd:  Pre-Algebra 8th grade        5th:  Pre-Algebra 8th grade

3rd:  my prep hour 9:51-10:49     6th:   Pre-Algebra 8th grade

Monday:      10/16

Collect +15 point project on Reflection.  Get back Can-U for 2.1-2.3 (you can do fixes for half back) - due tomorrow with parent signature.   Check 2.1 thru 2.3 review packet for Tuesday's quiz. 

HOMEWORK:  HW#19 p. 91; 1-13 ALL (review questions for the quiz which is tomorrow)!!!!!!  Make sure you have graph paper :)

Tuesday:       10/17

Today we will check in and discuss your HW#19 review questions.  Take the QUIZ (you are ready for this!!)  and you may work on extra credit worksheet +5 DUE TOMORROW!!! 

QUIZ ON 2.1 THRU 2.3 TODAY!!!!!!


Wednesday:      10/18          CONFERENCES TONIGHT 3:30-6:30!!!!!

Today I was going to have you start 2.4, but since I am not there today you will work on review worksheet for Algebraic Expressions.  It is over 20 problems, so work hard :) 

HOMEWORK:    HW# 20 worksheet on Algebraic Expressions

Thursday:     10/19


Friday:         10/20



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