My name is Jennifer Diemert. I will be your child’s STEM (6th, 7th, and 8th) teacher. I have recently graduated from Michigan State with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education specializing in integrated science. I am very excited to be teaching classes that encourage problem solving and critical thinking skills through project based learning and hands on activities. This year students will be challenged to design and create innovative solutions to solve contemporary problems by developing their creativity and confidence. Students will be introduced to engaging activities and programs while giving them the necessary skills for Twenty-first Century Careers. 

My classroom schedule is:

Homeroom:                          7:30am-7:40am

First hour: STEM 8              7:45am -8:43am

Second hour: STEM 6         8:48am- 9:46am

Third hour:Conference         9:51am-10:49am

A Lunch                               10:49am-11:19am

Fourth hour: STEM 6           10:54am-12:23pm

Fifth hour: STEM 7               12:28pm- 1:25pm

Sixth hour: STEM 7              1:30pm-2:27pm

We have been working so hard making video games on Game Maker!! Ask your child to show you their video game on our Google Classroom page!

Some of projects that we will engage in throughout STEM 6 include:

• Weebly E-Portfolio

• Contraption maker / Rube Goldberg machines

• Video Game Design

• Lego Mindstorm Robotics

• West Point Bridge Designer

• Toothpick bridges

• Pop Bottle Rockets

Some of projects that we will engage in throughout STEM 7 (Design and Technology) include:

• The history of technology timeline

• Intro to manual drafting

• Intro to CAD programs

• Intro to packaging engineering

• Dream house creation

• Studying magmatism an electricity through Maglevs

• Boat hauls

• Mouse trap cars

Some of projects that we will engage in throughout STEM 8 (Pre-Engineering) include:

• Hydraulic powered and pneumatic powered syringe robots

• Catapults and trebuchets

• Using power tools to create string art

• CO2 cars

• Mini Golf Course design

• Advanced drafting

• Group Mass Production Project

• Solving problems using the Engineering Design Process