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Science 7 Syllabus-McKay 2017

ParentGuide Grades 6 to 8 - Understanding New Science Standards

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What is Standards Based Grading?

In this class, all assignments and assessments are aligned to student-friendly learning targets which are correlated to the Michigan Science Standards. All assignments and assessments will receive a “grade” based on the understanding of the target, not completion of the work. The reason for Standard Based Learning/Grading is it easily communicates how students are performing on a specific skill at a given time. By providing scores by standards, versus assignments, students and parents can track how they are doing on a specific standard, and will know exactly what the student needs to practice before the end of the unit. Resources and extra practice can also easily be found on my website according to the standard and there are even more resources that can be search for on the internet.

How are Grades Determined?

Grades are based on tests, quizzes and some projects only. Homework, bell work, notes, and in class assignments will be given throughout the week and some items recorded in the grade book, but they will not change the overall grade. Practice work does not count towards the grade. My experiences have proven students that are not doing their homework and class work, do not perform as well on assessments.

The SBG Rubric 






Partially Proficient


Not Proficient Yet


I can correctly and consistently answer all problems and apply the concept to other situations – real life, fictional, interdisciplinary.

I can explain the most important information related to the standard in words with detail.

I can use content related vocabulary/language consistently and accuratel.

I can correctly and consistently answer most problems related to the standard

I can explain the most important information related to the standard in words with some detail.

I can use content related vocabulary/language accurately most of the time

I can correctly answer some problems to related the standard

I can explain the most important information related to the standard, but the details are fuzzy or non-existent.

I can sometimes use content related vocabulary/language accurately

I can correctly answer few to no problems related to the standard

I am very limited in my ability to explain the standard in words.

I can rarely or never use content related vocabulary/language accurately.


Is it Possible to Achieve a 4?

Yes it is. However, a score of 4 indicates a performance that is consistently above what is expected for mastery (proficient-3) of the learning target. Because of this, the highest score possible on a quiz is a score of 3.

Are there Opportunities for Re-assessments on Quizzes and Tests?

Yes! You need to see me first. Be prepared to explain what you did to master the target. Based on our conversation, I will determine if you are ready to be reassessed. The intent of reassessments is to demonstrate that you have truly mastered the standard - not to guess better.

What are the Procedures for Reassessment?

1. Determine the learning target you would like reassessed. You do not have to retake the entire test or quiz, but only the area in which you were less than "proficient".

2. Do extra practice until you feel that you are proficient (see rubric). All practice work assigned to the standard needs to be completed. In addition to that, extra practice can be found on my website arranged by the standard. If you need additional support see me during lunchtime tutoring on Thursdays. If additional practice is needed, we will work something out.

3. See me to determine readiness and a reassessment time and date. We will have a conversation to determine your readiness. If the student is not ready, a plan will be discussed to help the student become ready.

4. Please see me during the pre-arranged time for re-assessment.

Parents: Respectfully, I ask that you please do not email me to see if your student can be reassessed. Yes, he or she can be reassessed. I need to have a conversation with him or her first to determine readiness. It is also really important that your child self-advocates to express his or her needs. If you are struggling with this, then please contact me and I will try to help. ​

Will you accept late work? Yes! Just remember practice work is not included in your overall grade. The practice work is for mastery of the standards.


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