Welcome Students and Parents!
Below you will find a tentative plan for the week showing daily practice problems, upcoming tests, and some helpful information toward
the bottom of the page. Thank You!

**Students are to check their answers at home with a red pen and make any necessary corrections.  They will have an opportunity to go over any questions they did not understand with their group the next day.

Monday, June 11
Check over answers to final exam review packet--these are also posted on my webpage...scroll down to find them under "Files & Folders"
Students should make corrections on questions they got incorrect

Tuesday, June 12

Wednesday, June 13
Homeroom: 7:30-7:40
1st  hour exam : 7:45-9:10
2nd hour exam:  9:15-10:45

Thursday, June 14
Homeroom: 7:30-7:40
3rd  hour exam : 7:45-9:10
4th hour exam: 9:15-10:45

Friday, June 15
Homeroom: 7:30-7:40
5th  hour exam : 7:45-9:10
6th hour exam: 9:15-10:45


**Helpful Information**

**To access the online textbook and resources**
For information on how to do this, scroll down and under Files & Folders, click on On-line Access & Resources, then click on the file.

**Checkpoint Redos**
Students will have the opportunity to redo any checkpoint.  The redo will be their new score.  The sheets for redo and corrections are on my side counter in my room or you can print them off my webpage, scroll down and under Files & Folders, click on Redo/Correction sheets.  There will be NO redos on tests.