Vet. Day

World War II Navy Veteran Mr. John Heller, one of 300 survivors of the USS Indianapolis, spoke to our 8th graders about his tour of duty and surviving the sinking in the Pacific. Mr. Heller discussed the mission of the USS Indianapolis and the night it was struck by an enemy torpedo which led to its sinking. The VHMS community then honored those who serve by participating in a silent dismissal. Students & staff dismissed in silence and then gathered by the flagpole to support our veterans. Patriotic music played and John Heller, survivor of the USS Indianapolis, spoke about the importance of Veterans Day. During the flagpole ceremony, students and staff alike recited the Pledge, sang the Star Spangled Banner, and listened to words from Mr. Heller, Mr. Behrmann, Mr. Mooney, and two of our teachers, Mr. Moxley and Mr. Jakey, who are veterans.