About TouchMath:

TouchMath is the leading multi-sensory teaching approach that bridges manipulation and memorization. Educators often think of it as mental manipulatives.

Students interact with numbers on paper by seeing, saying, hearing and touching numbers as they arrive at the right answers without guessing. They learn math facts by using auditory reinforcement, flashcards, and timed tests.

TouchMath follows sequential learning strategies advocated by eminent learning theorists such as Jean Piaget and Jerome Bruner.

Consisting of 56 math kits, workbooks and teaching aids, the integrated curriculum has evolved carefully since 1975.

Today we present a comprehensive program to teach counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, story problems, time, money and fractions. Our products have been developed for use by teachers, homeschoolers, and parents committed to helping their children. We also publish workbooks for most grade levels.

TouchMath has remarkable scope and flexibility in today’s demanding classroom setting:

  • Accelerate math comprehension among children as early as ages 4 to 5
  • Build a firm foundation and speed up learning in Kindergarten through 3rd grade
  • Remediate learning problems in any regular grade-level classroom
  • Use in special education with students that have mild to severe learning disabilities
  • Facilitate comprehension among students who have autistic spectrum disorders
  • Support remedial math instruction in high school and adult education classes

Not only is TouchMath a flexible teaching approach, it delivers extraordinary value to budget-strapped teachers and school districts. Each kit has been packed with foundation and enrichment activities that you can reproduce on any photocopier, in any quantity, indefinitely.

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