Welcome to Mrs. Gauthier's Webpage

Welcome back for the 2017-2018 school year!

Why I became a teacher: Growing up, I always knew that I wanted to help others. I constantly found myself being the voice to others who, for whatever reason, had trouble advocating for themselves. I knew that this was a gift I had been blessed with and I just had to find the right career to be able to use it. I found it as a senior in high school when I started working with students with special needs. Although I've worked at all grade levels, I enjoy working the most with high school students. I love having such an active role in developing student's strengths, preparing them for the world after high school, and teaching them to advocate for themselves. I love being a teacher and could not be any happier doing anything else! :)  


I am proud to be Rochester Community School's Co-Teaching trainer and Instructional Coach and believe in the powerful impact co-teaching has in the learning of all students. If you have questions about this instructional practice, I'd love to answer them! 


My 1st and 2nd semester schedule is:
1st hour: Team Physical Science with Mr. Rodger (A343)

2nd hour: Team Physical Science with Mr. Rodger (A343)

3rd hour: Team Language Arts 9 with Mr. Bliss (C273)
4th hour: Conference Period (C321)

5th hour: Composition and Literature (A349)
6th hour: Team Language Arts 9 with Mr. Bliss (C273) 


Here's to a great and successful year! :)