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It's important to cite your sources: not only to give credit to the original author, but to show that you've done your research. Use the following web sites to help create an MLA "Works Cited" page.

Citaton Makers:
For each of the following cites, 1) choose what kind of resource you have, 2) fill in the blanks, 3) copy and paste the completed citations into your own document. Each of the sites listed below uses MLA 7th edition formatting, but double check the finished citation to be sure it's correct.

  • EasyBib   Creates a Works Cited page in Microsoft Word and contains autocite options.
  • BibMe   Can download to Microsoft Word. Includes citation guide and autocite options.
  • KnightCite
  • Citation Builder 

MLA Citation Style and Formatting:



Quick Formatting Tips:

  1. URL web sites are not required (but check with your teacher).
  2. Titles are in italics, not underlined.
  3. Every citation must list the format your information was found on: Print, Web, DVD, etc.


  • When no date is given (print or web page), add n.d.
  • When no page numbers are given for an article (print or online article database), add N. pag.
  • When no publisher is given (print or web page), add n.p.
  • When no place of publication is given (print sources only), add N.p.
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