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     research toolsResearch Tools: RSS Feeds and Alerts 

In addition to searching for information, have information come to you by setting up an account with these sites.

  • Google Reader   When you want to subscribe to updates from web pages that have an RSS (really simple syndication) feed available, Google Reader is an "aggregator" that can collect them all on one page for you to read. Think of it as a mailbox where all your magazines that you subscribe to come in at. For more info, watch this explanatory video posted on SchoolTube or the YouTube video below.

And for your mobile device, try the Google Reader iPad App Flipboard. It lets you connect to your Google reader account and pulls all your RSS feeds in. (Watch this YouTube video for more info.)

  • Google Alerts   Enter in your search terms and let Google monitor and deliver to your Google Alert page any web sites it finds with your search words. You can choose information to come from news, blogs, video, discussions, or all web pages.

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