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group Group Work Tools: Online Whiteboards

Online whiteboards allow two or more people to access the same space and provides a blank whiteboard with tools for drawing, painting, sketching, add attachments, and more. Use them for sketching out ideas, brainstorming, and planning. Save your work online, invite others to join you via weblink or email, and make your work public or private.

  • Board800   Use paint tools and insert images. Instant board - no sign-up; boards stay active for 90 days. Invite others via link or email. Can use and write on many "boards" within the same session link.
  • CoSketch   Can embed drawings and use Google Maps for a background.
  • Dabbleboard   Can draw freehand, insert images, and save and download; share via email or web link; includes chat.
  • Scriblink   Invite others via web link or email. Can save, print and send. Has text and audio chat
  • Scribblar   Has lots of drawing features; can also add images, take a snapshot of the board, be embedded, and includes audio and text chat.
  • Twiddla   Can insert documents and images; includes text and audio chat. Invite others via simple web link; can password-protect it

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