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When you only need to refer to a part of a web site, a clipping tool allows you to "clip" out and save just those parts: text, photos, etc. They then create a single web page or notebook-type page with all your "clippings" on it. These make it easy to refer back to notes you've taken from web pages!

Clipping Sites Hosted Online:

  • Webklipper   Clip pages and make notes using highlighting and sticky notes. Can also share with others.
  • Zoho Notebook   Can add text, images, video, html, files, links, etc. Notebook pages are sharable.

Clipping Sites Requiring Software Downloads:

  • Evernote   Clip sections from web sites, take notes, create to-do lists and more. Apps for Android and iPhone available. Software download required.
  • Memonic  Allows you to save up to 100 "notes" in 3 different groupings. Can sync your notes to your mobile device. Bookmarklet or download required.
  • Notable   Capture screen shots or upload pages. Can make comments and share with others.
  • Springpad  Allows you to make several "notebooks" which can be shared with others. Can also update it using your mobile device. Bookmarklet or browser plug-in needed.

Get an idea of web clipping from these videos about Memonic and Springpad:

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