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Use these kinds of tools to keep track of everything you need to do. Include your sports activities, clubs, after-school activities, and upcoming tests and due dates. Take a look at the different kinds of layout each offers, then pick a favorite to use regularly.

Assignment Reminders:

  • Soshiku   A school assignment reminder that includes a place for assignment descriptions, tasks, and a calendar. Set it up to email or text you when a due date is approaching. Add assignments, notes, and tasks via email or text messaging.
  • TrackClass  A reminder service for students that keeps track of assignments and upcoming tests. Can also take and keep notes here. Has an iPhone vesion available too.

To-Do Lists: 

  • Jjot   Shareable sticky note boards.
  • Lino It   Shareable sticky notes.
  • Notepub   Can make your notes public, private, can share, and can send to Facebook or Twitter.
  • PinDax   Online message board to post your text, photos, videos, and files.
  • Remember The Milk 
  • Scrumy  Called "project tracking" where you drag your sticky notes between your To-Do's, In Progress, Verify, and Done sections.
  • Spaaze  A virtual bulletin board that allows you to add items then move and organize them.
  • Thoughtboxes  Keeps multiple lists on one screen.
  • Vocaroo  Voice recorder - record and send voice mails to yourself.

Time Keepers:

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