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When sharing large files, most email providers have a small size limit on the files you can send.  Even moderately-sized files take a long time to upload in an email and a long time for the other person to download them. Instead, use a file sharing site that will host your large file for you and give you a web site address to share it with.

  • DuShare   Upload a file and share via web link.
  • Ge.tt   Will save your file for 90 days.
  • Jetbytes
  • LargeDocument
  • Senduit   Saves up to 1 week and provides a web link to share with.
  • WeTransfer   Will transfer files up to 2 gb for and hold them for two weeks.
  • Wikisend   Will hold files up to 100 mb each and for 90 days. Can also password protect files.
  • zShare  Gives 1 gb of space for free. Upload files up to 500 mb.

Also related to file sharing:

  • Web Resizer   Lets you resize photo files- not in dimension but to shrink in file size; helpful for emailing or uploading.

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