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In place of word processing software, anyone is able to access these free online text editors. These editors, however, allow several people to access and edit files at the same time. Use them for editing, brainstorming lists together, and adding comments.

  • GoogleDocs
  • Notezz   Saves documents in a notecard format - helpful for preparing research or oral reports.
  • TitanPad   No sign-up is needed. Each user is color-coded on the document- up to 8 simultaneous users. Also includes a side bar chat area. Creates a URL for your document and can be password protected.
  • PrimaryPad  Allows you to upload from .html, .pdf, .rtf, or Word document. Includes chat feature, sticky notes, and drawing tools. Allows up to 50 simultaneious users, 50 revision saves, and saves a document for 30 days.
  • will.you.typewith.me  Can have up to 15 editors at once. Can also view past versions of a document using the "time slider."
  • Zoho Docs   Provides 1 gb of file storage and allows for multi-level file organzation. Can set up different groups for sharing specific files and edit them online.

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