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group Group Work Tools: Meeting Online

When working on a group project or getting together with others to study, these tools offer a convenient way to meet up. Set up a private chat room, voice chat, or video call that only your group members can access.

Private Chat Rooms   Set up your own real-time discussion area.

  • Chatzy  Set up a free "quick chat" or a "virtual room" that lets you invite others using their email address or with a password.
  • Today's Meet  Provides a private space for groups to post thoughts, ideas, questions, etc. for all group members to see. Just set up a "room" and give out the URL. Similar to Twitter, each message can be up to 140 characters.
  • Stinto   Private chat via web link.

Voice Calls   Use these sites with a headset or microphone and speakers for real-time voice chat.

  • Google Talk   Text or voice chat with many people at once. If you have your own iGoogle home page, you could also add a widget to your Google Talk site.
  • TalkShoe   Create and schedule live multi-person voice conferences and invite people to join as either participants or just listeners. It has a text chat feature too.

Video Calls   These sites offer a place for real-time voice chat or you can plug in a webcam to make it a virtual meeting.

  • Flash Meeting   Allows you to record, save, and publish video conferences, the audio, and chat - no download required.
  • Skype   Voice and video communication; software download required.

More video call sites - instant set-up:

  • BoostCam   Two-person video chat.
  • FaceFlow   Video chat up to four people, includes text chat.
  • Pligus   Video, audio, or text chat for many people at once; can also share screens, documents, and use a shared whiteboard.
  • Vyew   Video chat plus document and screen sharing; up to ten people.

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