Exploring Lit: Course Description

Students examine how reading influences people in different ways. Students interview people in the community to gain insight into why people read and how it has affected their lives. Students read and research titles and authors to determine what defines a quality piece of literature. Students gain perspective into an author's intent by examining elements of style and the author's craft. Students identify and discuss literary elements found in literature. Students explore universal themes in literature and identify examples from their own lives and today's society. Students examine how enduring literature reveals common characteristics among humans.

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**Week of Sept. 7-10: Reading's Influence

**Week of Sept. 13-17:  Introduction of Independent Reading Project

**Week of Sept. 20-24: Personal Anthology

**Week of Sept. 27-Oct.1: Introduction to Monster by Walter Dean Myers

**Week of Oct. 4-8th: Reading Monster by Walter Dean Myers

**Week of Oct. 11-15: Reading Monster by Walter Dean Myers. Book Project #1 due Fri. Oct 15th