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Tuesday, 11/25/2014

Falcon Marching Band

FMB "This Week"

FMB Schedule 2014-5

Published May 5, 2014

Download and print: FMB 2014 Schedule.pdf

June 2

FMB Drumline Auditions @ Band Room (exterior door #6) 3:30pm

June 4

FMB Registration @ Band Room (Veteran Members 6:30pm; New members 7:30pm-8:30)

June 9, 10

FMB Music Folder Assembly 3pm-5 (All student leaders and any volunteers)

June 11, 12

FMB Summer Music Pick-up & Instrument Check-out @ Band Room (6/11 3pm-5, 6/12 12pm-2)

July 30-Aug 1

FMB "Home Camp" @ Band Room 3pm–7 (3pm Leaders; 3:30 New Members; 5 All Members)

July 30

FMB Summer Uniform Pickup @ Band Room 7pm-7:30

July 31

FMB "Away Camp" Parent Information Meeting @ Band Room 6:15pm-7

Aug 3-8

FMB "Away Camp" @ CMU

Aug 9-18

Week is Clear 

August 19, 21, 26

FMB Rehearsal @ Stadium 6pm-9

Aug 22-25

Weekend is Clear 

August 27

FMB Uniform Fitting (Veteran Members 6pm-7; New members 7pm-8:30)

August 28

FMB Cedar Point Performance (optional but encouraged)

Aug 29 - Sept 1

Weekend is Clear (Labor Day)

September 2

RCS First Day of School 

Sept 3-Oct 29

FMB Rehearsal Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 6:20am-7:20 | Monday: 6pm-9 Full Band

September 7

FMB Art & Apples Festival Performance (11:45am report) 1pm

September 10

FMB OPC Senior Day Performance  10am during school

September 12

FMB Homegame (Hall of Fame) 7pm

Sept 19-21

Weekend is Clear 

September 26

FMB Homegame (Homecoming) 7pm

Oct 3-5

Weekend is Clear 

October 7 or 8

FMB Marching Band Festival 

October 12

FMB Command Performance 2pm

October 14 or 15

FMB Marching Band Festival (Rain Date) 

October 17

FMB Homegame (Middle Schools, AHS) 7pm

October 24

FMB Homegame (Senior Night, SCHS) 7pm

October 29

Collage Concert @ Mall (All Bands) 7pm

Nov, Dec

FMB 6:20am Parade Rehearsals  TBA


FMB Middle School Tour Hours 2-6

December 6

FMB Sarnia Parade of Lights @ Band Room 1:30 report

December 7

FMB Rochester Hometown Christmas Parade (report time TBA)

December 9, 10

FMB Final Student Skills Evaluation Make-ups  6:30-7:20am

December 11

FMB End-of-Season Deadline

  1. All school-owned instruments turned in or inspected and renewed
  2. All uniform parts returned and inventoried
  3. All student skills evaluations completed and turned in
  4. All lockers vacated, cleaned and inspected

December 15

FMB End-of-Season Meeting @ Auditorium 6:30-7:20am

May 18

Band Social & Recognition Night @ Mall (All Bands) 6:30pm

Drumline Information

Drumline instrutor is Miss Natalie Debusschere. She may be reached at ndebussc@emich.edu .

Color Guard Information

Color Guard instrutor is Miss Melissa Peña. She may be reached at simplensweet247@aol.com or 810 618 9373.