Foundations of Business

FOUNDATIONS OF BUSINESS #00332                                                                               20 WEEKS

GRADES: 9-12                                                                         

This semester course introduces students to the world of business and helps prepare them for their

economic roles of consumer and worker. Students are introduced to business operations, the role of

consumers in our economy, business careers in the global economy and business ethics.  Students will learn many facets of the business environment through discussion, paper and pencil assignments, as well as computer assignments. 

Topics to be covered include:


Ø  Business Structure and Operations

Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, and Corporations

Ø  Business Economic Environment

Using current event articles and the stock market, we will explore this area

Ø  Governmental Interactions

Scarcity, capitalism, current events articles also

Ø  Small-Business Management

Business plans, price, product, place, and promotion

Ø  Financial Institutions and Banking

Balance sheets, profit/loss statements, banking items

Ø  Credit Uses and Regulations

Ø  Consumer Behaviors

Ø  Careers in Business

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