Graphic and Social Media






GRADES: 9-12                                                  PREREQUISITE: BUSINESS MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY             

This one semester course takes students beyond the basic office applications and exposes them to desktop publishing, graphic design, and web application software. Students use publishing software to create dynamic flyers, catalogs, brochures and many other business print media. Students create and manipulate graphics, as well as enhance existing images. Finally, students create web pages utilizing the latest technology. Students learn how to design and manage their own websites.


This course allows students to explore word processing, database, spreadsheet, graphic, and charting software programs.

Topics of study include:

(1)     Fireworks – (3 weeks) to make, edit, create and manipulate graphics and photographs to be used in new media.

(2)     Dream weaver – (8 weeks) webpage design to create, enhance and improve a published webpage.

(3)     Flash – (5 weeks) to make, edit, create and manipulate graphics to be used in an animation.

(4)     Photoshop – (4 weeks) to investigate and learn the basics of Photoshop’s potential.

NOTE:  It is highly recommended that students are proficient in keyboarding skills and Microsoft products.