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Role of the RCS PTA Council


A Council exists to help PTA/PTSA units function effectively.  It provides PTA/PTSA leaders opportunities to compare ways of doing things, learn about procedure and work together on common projects.  With good public relations, a council can serve as a two-way channel of communication between schools, school board and the public.  A council provides an organization through which local units an work with the school board and the administrators of the schools system.  In summation, effective PTA/PTSA councils serve as primary service providers to the local PTA/PTSA units, key collaborative bodies within their communities, and superb examples of Leadership.


Primary Service Provider

In their role as primary service provider, councils:

·          function as the first point of contact for local units.

·          are understanding of, and compassionate to, PTA/PTSA unit problems

·          interpret the basic policies any bylaws in a friendly, impersonal manner

·          facilitate the resolution of conflicts for local units, if possible

·          distribute materials and information in a timely fashion and easily understood manner

·          encourage local unit attendance at leadership trainings and events

·          assist in officer development and training

·          support and remind local units of impending deadlines and award opportunities

·          foster interest in organizing new PTA/PTAs

·          refrain from legislating for its PTA/PTSA units


Key Collaborative Bodies

In their role of key collaborative body, councils:

·          are a link that unites and presents a unified image of PTA to the community

·          coordinate programs and initiatives for greatest possible community impact

·          focus attention and energy on community problems and concerns

·          ensure that local units are kept informed of emerging legislative issues and organize action, if needed

·          communicate issues of local unit or community concern to Michigan PTSA


Training and Developing Officers

A primary task of the council is to develop and strengthen PTA/PTSA leadership.  Council meetings and activities provide excellent opportunities for skill development by modeling good leadership behaviors.  Training and development programs conducted by councils enhance PTA/PTSA activities by providing well-informed, dedicated and confident leaders.  Further, developing local PTA/PTSA officers and improving council officers’ leadership skills helps to ensure strong succession of officers.  Good leaders are always in the business of replacing themselves.


Source:  Michigan PTSA Council Officers’ Handbook



What has the Rochester Community PTA Council accomplished during the 2007-08 year?


·          Adopted new slogan:  “Advocate, Communicate, Support”

·          Leadership Training Day in September for officers and committee chairs.

·          Monthly Council meetings at rotating schools.

·          Administration, School Board, and REA communications at Council meetings.

·          Launched and published two newsletters this year.

·          Created monthly “President’s Checklists” to assist Presidents with their duties.

·          Assigned Council Board officers individual schools to build relationships and provide unit leaders with a primary contact person.

·          Initiated monthly “Leadership Roundtables” to provide additional training and support throughout the school year.

·          Provided Transition Training documents for each officer position.

·          Collaborated with the Rochester/Auburn Hills Community Coalition to host motivational speaker, Milton Creagh.

·          Sponsor of Rochester/Auburn Hills Community Coalition event “Town Hall Meeting: Underage Drinking, Not a Minor Problem.”

·          Provided Council’s Health Fair Kit to Elementary Schools who held Health Fairs and upgraded kit with various materials.

·          Nearly all of our school participated in the National PTA Reflections Program with individual competitions. In addition, a district level competition and awards ceremony was held.

·          Founder’s Day Celebration “Share the Light” recognized parents and teachers from each school. In addition, Council Member of the Year was awarded to Anna Reseigh, Distinguished Service Awards were given to Chris Weemhoff and Barb Cenko and Lisa Kowalski received the Dr. Schultz Leadership Award.

·          Council Legislative Committee has been active advocating for our children and launched a new website this year.

·          Unit leaders and parents could find up to date information on the Council Website.

·          Every school participated several times this year in delivering Meals on Wheels.

·          Won Michigan PTSA Council of the Year Award!

·          Won Michigan PTSA Council Newsletter of the Year Award!