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Foundation Grant Process

The Rochester Community Schools Foundation was established to provide funding for the enhancement of educational opportunities for all students who attend Rochester Community Schools. The Foundation seeks charitable contributions from individuals, groups, organizations and corporations to strengthen academic programs, the arts and athletics that students are involved in. Teachers and administrators are encouraged to seek funding for programs by completing the Funding Approval Process Form.  Proposals for funding will be reviewed by the Grant Review Committee in December and March.  After review, the committee will make recommendations for funding to the Rochester Community Schools Foundation Board of Directors.  The Grant Review Committee takes into account the criteria listed below when considering funding each proposal:

  • STUDENT REACH/IMPACT – The number of students who will benefit from participating in the project/activity or who will be directly impacted by the additional instructional opportunity or enhancement that has been made available.  The ability to replicate this or a similar program in the district is also taken into consideration.
  • SEED MONEY FOR INNOVATION– Meeting the varied educational needs of the community requires the ongoing exploration and development of new programs, new choices and new models for education.  The Foundation will consider the uniqueness of each application.
  • OPPORTUNITY TO PARTNER WITH OTHER FUNDING SOURCES –  The Foundation strongly encourages partnership. Will the program be funded in cooperation with other funding sources?  Does the ability to partner with other organizations for funding exist?
  • ABILITY FOR THE PROGRAM TO SUSTAIN ITSELF ON AN ON-GOING BASIS - Should the program receive initial funding, will the program be able to continue to sustain itself after initial funding from the Foundation ends? What resources will be available to fill this need?