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Thursday, 3/5/2015

1strcsUntitled2ndrcs   The Rochester PTA Council is a coalition of the PTAs from each of our 20 schools.  Our primary goals are to communicate and work together.  We address district-wide issues that affect our children such as health & welfare and legislation.   We meet regularly at schools throughout the district.  Join us.



Click Here for a PTA Council Calendar 2014-15 (monthly)



** Founders Day tickets will be On Sale at our Feb 19th PTA Council Meeting. Please bring a unit Check and Order         Form‎ made payable to PTA Council. Ticket donations ($5 each) go toward PTA Council Scholarships and                     Enrichments.

** Beginning Feb 20th, tickets will be available for purchase at the front desk of the Administration Building.

PTA Meetings

Contact Your Board Members

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