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District Policies are divided into the following areas:



Name Areas Covered
0000 - Bylaws The rules of the Board of Education for its own operation and is intended for the benefit of Board members and those who are concerned with the workings of the Board itself.
1000 - Administration The organizational structure of the District and provides job descriptions for executive management positions.
2000 - Instruction The instructional programs and services for the District. Policies affecting curriculum review, development, implementation and evaluation are included in this section
3000 - Professional Staff    Policies for professional staff.
4000 - Support Staff    Personnel policies for non-instructional (non-certified) staff.
5000 - Students Policies related to student entrance requirements, academic achievement, rights and responsibilities, and extra-curricular activities.
6000 - Finances Regulations related to finances: budget control, tuition students, internal and external accounting.
7000 - Property  Physical resources of the District -- planning, operations, utilization, and disposition of same.
8000 -Operations Access to Board Records, District Organization, Emergency Procedures, Food Services, Transportation, and Insurance.
9000 - Relations    Relationships between the Board of Education and the residents of the District, visitors to the schools, parents of students, the community it serves, the press, and other educational institutions.