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The North Hill Helpers is an active organization of fourth and fifth grade volunteers led by Dr. Joy and Mrs. Conner.  Any responsible fourth or fifth grader can join the North Hill Helpers at the beginning of each school year.  The North Hill Helpers are very involved in the community - they volunteer at a local senior assisted living center, support our troops overseas, help with the Friends Helping Families program at our school,  help sick children, and participate in many other activities.  Once a student becomes a member, they are eligible to sign up for activities throughout the year. 

North Hill Helpers Board

Congratulations to our 2016-2017 North Hill Helpers Board Members!

4th Grade Trustees:  TBD

5th Grade Secretary: TBD

5th Grade Vice President: TBD 

5th Grade President: TBD


North Hill Helpers Helped With the Friends Helping Families Program


IMG_9780 North Hill Helpers counted cans and boxes for the North Hill food drive to benefit the Rochester Area Neighborhood House.