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Tuesday, 9/2/2014

Welcome Kindergarteners!

The Kindergarten team of teachers has been eagerly awaiting your arrival! We are so excited to meet you. Together we will learn, play and grow.

August 20th - New Family Orientation 6:30 pm.  This event will be held in the cafeteria and will consist of a short presentation from our principal Mr. Murphy. The intention of this evening is to inform all new North Hill families about our school. Kindergarten families will be encouraged to meet on the playground to get to know one another.  If you attended kindergarten round-up in the spring much of this information will be redundant.

August 25th - Meet and Greet 12:15-1:15.  Stop in to see your kindergarten teacher and your classroom. Feel free to bring your school supplies on this day.

September 2nd- First Day of School 8:55-11:30   Please note early dismissal time for KINDERGARTENERS only We ask that ALL kindergarteners be driven to and from school by a parent on this day only.

* Parents will arrive with their child by 8:50.  Mrs. Dudzinski's students will line up at the "1/2 brick wall" entrance door.   Mrs. Poelman's, Harbin's and Anderson's students will line up at the "playground" side entrance. You will see our pictures on the door.

* Parents will stay in the classroom with their child until 10:00. After that, parents will be dismissed to the cafeteria for a short presentation and signing of important forms.

* Parents will return to the classroom at 11:30 for dismissal. Kindergarteners will go home by car with their parent only on the first day. If you are having another parent take your child home you MUST present a signed note to your child's teacher.

Use the link below to visit your teacher's website.

 Use the address below to email her.