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Ski Club Returns to North Hill!

The Hart Ski and Snowboard Club will be welcoming North Hill students this year! Hart and North Hills students will be skiing on Thursday nights at Pine Knob starting right after school weather permitting.

It is easy to join!! Just go to the Hart website and click on School Menu then Club & Activities and then Ski and Snowboard Club Information. ((Or click on the link below)) Complete the required forms and return to North Hill with a $16.00 check made payable to Pine Knob in an envelope marked "SKI CLUB".

North Hill students will NOT be charged the $30.00 club fee! All membership cards may be picked up at the Hart Ski Club table the first night of Ski Club. Club lift tickets will be available on every Thursdays at the Pine Knob Hart table.

The membership card entitles students to ski or snowboard for a reduced rate of:
$16.00 per club night for lift ticket
$16.00 per club night for rentals
$18.00 per club night for snowboard rentals

Jayline Maxfield, Hart Ski and Snowboard Chairperson
jaywith3@comcast.net 248 608 0731