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Do you have a passion for your cultural heritage? Do you love to travel and learn about other countries? Do you like to try new things? Do you want to share that enthusiasm with your children? Look no further! This event is for you!

Be a part of the fourth annual International Festival to take place at North Hill on February 6th 2015, from 6pm-9pm! Scavenger hunts, food, crafts, and prizes galore! We will have booths representing individual countries/regions, activities for the kids, and cultural demonstrations on the stage while families visit each country for a stamp on their passport. This is an exciting event and a wonderful opportunity to showcase and celebrate the many cultures and countries represented in our North Hill Family.

We will need many volunteers to bring this vision to a reality for our kids; from decorations and food, to arts and crafts, we will find a place for you at the festival! We welcome everyone to have as large or small a role as you can bring. The majority of the work will be done at home, with only 2 large meetings throughout the year. You do not have to be from a certain country to help with that display or activity. Bring your older kids! Bring your parents! Bring your passion! We especially need a co-chair or two to work with me this year and bring fresh ideas into making this an amazing evening.

This year, our sign up is online at :

You can also contact me at or 248-650-6002.


Pictures from International Festival

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