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Dear Parents,                                                                                                                                     

Meadow Brook students will begin a unit in music classes, playing the recorder, a simple and inexpensive woodwind instrument. For most, this will be an opportunity to build instrumental and music reading skills, while learning if they may prefer band or choir later in Middle School. Each student is encouraged to own their own recorder (or borrow from a friend on a long-term basis), if possible. This will allow students to practice at home to benefit most from their learning during our limited music class time. Should a student be unable to own a recorder, there are a few school-owned recorders available for students to borrow. Students will need to bring their recorders to each music class (replacing it in the student’s backpack after practicing works well). Meadow Brook will supply music packets for the students to help in learning to read music. 


Recorders can be ordered at a discounted rate through Meadow Brook. 

Recorders can also be purchased from area music stores, if you prefer, however, “dollar store” quality will not work for our purposes. If your student would like to purchase a recorder, please complete and return the order form below to school.


The students seem anxious to begin this exciting adventure, and I expect it to be a popular supplement to their music classes. Surely, they’ll enjoy sharing their new skills with you and other willing audiences as their skills advance.





Mrs. Ogonowski

Meadow Brook Music Teacher






Order forms and payment due to music teacher.

Please make checks payable to:  Rochester Community Schools


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Classroom Teacher_______________________________


                                                                _____ Recorder----------$ 7.50