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Third Grade Supplies

Rochester Community Schools provides all necessary materials and supplies for curricular classes. Parents, who wish to supplement these materials and supplies for their student in this class, may consider purchasing the following:


For personal use:

 2-3 Spiral Notebook single subject wide rules at least 70 pages

 At least 12 sharpened pencils

 A box of 24 crayons, a regular set (12 is good) of colored pencils, OR a set of 8 to 10 markers

 Student Scissors (Fiskars sharp tip are a good choice)

 2+ highlighters any color

 4+ glue sticks

 a supply box

 at least 1 red pen and 1 blue or black pen

 Deck of regular playing cards (to mark for math games)

 *** Schroeck only: 1” binder of any color for homework organization


For classroom use:

 A box of Kleenex, or another brand of tissues

 Ruler with centimeters and inches

 Ziploc bags (sandwich or gallon size)

 Clorox wipes

 Dry erase markers

 Sticky notes


Please mark your personal school supplies with your first name.






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