Welcome to the Visual Arts Program at Meadow Brook! My name is CamieLee Peasley and I am honored to be the art teacher at this great building.

You are about to begin an amazing voyage, as we explore the world of art through the eyes of your child. On this voyage you will see artworks that your children have created in the art room. As artwork comes home with your child, find ways to converse about all they have learned during that unit. Even simple things like, "tell me, what materials did you use to make this? Why did you choose these colors? What inspired you to create this?"

The art program that your children are involved in encompasses a fine arts education that will teach your children about the elements and principles of design. Your children will learn about famous artists, art techniques, how to analyze art, and aesthetics. Your child will be exposed to all types of mediums as well as learning about many types of art forms, such as fiber art, sculpture, painting, drawing, ceramics, paper art, etc.  Over the years it is my hope that they will learn to develop their skills in all mediums, learning new techniques and practicing old ones!

The art program offers discussion, observation, and production, helping students to develop their critical thinking skills and their creativity. We have fun creating and experimenting with techniques and art materials, as well as learning to see the world in new and exciting ways through our creations.

At any time please feel free to come to Meadow Brook to see all of your child’s artwork displayed in their classrooms, as well in the hallways. On art day, please have your child wear clothes that are appropriate for painting, gluing, etc. We do have some smocks in the art room.

When you receive your child’s artwork at home, please take the time to ask your child about his or her artwork. They have have spent many weeks on each piece. Ask your child questions about the subject matter that we studied, the culture that we talked about, the new techniques and language that he or she has learned in the art room. Make your home an art museum by displaying your child’s work with pride! Your children are all great artists, and we are all very proud of their work here at Meadow Brook!

I would love to meet all of you, so please feel free to come by and visit us, and see all of the fabulous things we are doing in the art room. Thank you for all of your support!

Mrs. Peasley and the Elementary Art Department