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The McGregor Learning Consultant and Interventionists work collaboratively with classroom teachers to implement a comprehensive literacy model based on more than 15 years of research by Dr. Linda Dorn and Carlo Soffos at the Center for Literacy, University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

Emergent Literacy Groups are designed for children who are in kindergarten or first grade, performing wiithin the emergent range of reading and writing. This instruction emphasizes oral language development, phonemic awareness and phonics, and the important concepts about print that are essential to learning to read. Kindergarten and First Grade literacy groups include shared reading, interactive writing, and opportunities to engage in language experiences around books that have been read aloud. The groups provide additional instruction for 15-30 minutes up to 4 times each week.

Guided Reading Plus Literacy Groups provide specific instruction for children in 1st through fifth grades who are reading at the early to proficient levels of reading and writing, but are lagging behind their classmates. The typical lesson format spans two days with 30-45 minutes of instruction per day. Over the course of two days, instruction is provided to address several components: pre-planned word study activity, orientation to the new book, independent reading with teacher observations and follow-up teaching points, comprehension discussion, guided reading, and  writing (composing individual messages, writing independently, and holding one-to-one writing conferences with the teacher).

Guided Writing Support provides additional short-term, small group or individual writing instruction.  Students receive targeted instruction related to the writing process with specific emphasis on writing in the content areas and academic writing.  Instruction focuses on writing to text-based prompts, writing from personal experience, composing essays, and comparison writing.

Reading Recovery provides short-term, individualized-intervention for first graders who struggle with early reading and writing. Highly trained teachers work intensively with individual students for 30 minutes each day. This brief series of lessons continues for 12-20 weeks, or less if the child is able to read and write within the average range of their peers within a shorter program.